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Love your home, but feel like your kitchen or bathrooms could need an update? You are not alone. While it is easy to transform other parts of your home with some new paint and updated furnishings, kitchens and bathrooms can quickly become dated-looking. Tackling a remodel in those areas can seem daunting. You have probably heard stories that these renovations are expensive and time-consuming. Plus, when someone picks the wrong contractor, it seems like they never get what they want.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Howell, NJ

Infinite Construction is here to give you the updated kitchen or bathroom you want while respecting your budget and your time. We bring your vision to life and can update your home, making it stylish and on-trend while helping you avoid trends. The goal is to give you a space that looks up-to-date now and will not look dated in a few years when style trends change.

Unless, of course, you want a trendy space that you may want to change in a few years. While our design experts have the experience and skill to help you create a timeless room, we also fully respect that this is your home, not ours, that we are renovating. Some designers will veto what a customer wants because it does not fit into the designer’s vision or aesthetic. Others will add details because they are a personal favorite. We collaborate with each of our customers, ensuring that your style and vision guide every step of the process. No wonder Infinite Construction is a local favorite for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Howell, NJ.

Kitchen Remodeling in Howell, NJ

Howell is an exciting mix of New York City bedroom community and historic New Jersey City, with a dash of quaint charm that belies how big and vibrant the city actually is. While there is plenty of newer construction in Howell, many of the homes are older construction — built to fit the design preferences of people a generation or more ago. Some of them have had updates, but — depending on when those occurred — the updates may have stripped some rooms of their historic charm and replaced them with bland, functional spaces.

When we begin a project with a client, we sit down with you to understand how you want to transform your space. If you are in a historic home, our designers can show you what original kitchens and bathrooms would have featured and give you some ideas on how to incorporate that historic feeling into new designs and updates. We can present ideas to you or work with your existing ideas to help you get a space that meets your goals.

We always keep your goals in mind. Different people have their preferences. Some people love open spaces and want kitchens where they can interact with people in other living spaces. Other people really dislike the open floorplan concept and want a kitchen that serves as a retreat and often features more storage space, countertops, and cooking areas than an open concept design. We take the time to learn about you and your family so we can help you create the space that works right for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Holmdel

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Howell

We are a full-service construction company and provide a full range of kitchen remodeling services. Whether you want a mini-facelift or an entire tear-out and rebuild, we can handle your project. Some of our services include countertop installation, cabinet refacing, cabinet replacement, flooring installation, and more. We use high-quality materials for our projects. You may not notice the difference in quality immediately after a job. Still, high-quality materials withstand the test of time. Plus, we focus on customer service. We understand that communication is the most essential part of a significant remodeling project. We cannot bring your dreams to life without listening to — and understanding — those dreams!

Many people want to renovate their kitchen but have worries about the remodeling process. We are not going to lie. These projects can be daunting, and they often result in your being unable to use your kitchen for at least some time during the project. That can make some people want to shy away from the process.

We cannot take away those facets of the project that make it unavoidably tricky. However, we can ease the process. We have years of experience in home renovations, and we can offer guidance and support to help you get through the process. One of the most significant benefits we offer is a reliable timeline. We give you a realistic estimate of how long the project should take and what each part of the project will entail. That lets you plan accordingly so your renovation project disrupts your life as little as possible.

We also work with your budget. For some designers, the dream is a client with an unlimited budget who tells the designers to do whatever they want to do in the space. That is not our dream. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, which means working with your budget to create the space you want.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

One of the number one reasons people give for remodeling a kitchen is that it improves your resale value. That is actually our least favorite reason for someone to remodel. Sure, updating a kitchen can drastically enhance a home’s resale value and often offers a considerable ROI. However, when you remodel just to resell, you do not get to enjoy the benefits of your project.

Our main reason for suggesting a kitchen remodel is to improve the form and function of your kitchen. What has always bothered you about your current kitchen? Is it too small for your family? Does it have wasted space? Do you prefer a different type of cooking element, want a convection oven, or need a larger refrigerator to store your family’s goods? Those are the issues we love to address in a remodeling project, taking your home and making it more practical — and beautiful — for you and your family to enjoy for years. Doing so will also almost certainly increase its resale value, which is just a bonus.

Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

If they choose to renovate, most people will remodel their kitchen once — maybe twice, at most — in the entire time that they own their home. Because these projects are meant to last long-term, there are some common mistakes people want to avoid. Falling prey to them can result in a project that looks dated and does not bring you the long-term joy and satisfaction of a great kitchen remodel.

One of today’s hottest design trends is minimalism. It is an excellent look for bathrooms and even living spaces, but people can take it too far in kitchens. One way they do so is by ignoring the need for storage. Unless you do not cook in your kitchen, you need storage solutions. So, plan on spending a little more at the beginning of your project to save time, money, energy, and hassle later on.

Another big mistake is sacrificing counter space. In order to get the kitchen of your dreams, you may be looking at removing walls and making other significant changes. Those are great, but what counter space will you lose, and what are your plans to replace it? Lack of counter space is one of the main reasons that people want kitchen renovations, so do not spend money on a project only to give yourself results that will ultimately lead to frustration.

Some people only think of form, not function. How do you cook? For most people, the refrigerator, sink, stove, and oven are the must-use items in a kitchen. The oven can be tucked out of the way because you pop things in there and leave them for a while. However, you are constantly using the other three. Will your final design leave all three easily accessible? If space permits, will they allow two or more people to access different parts of the kitchen without impeding your access to those items? If not, you may want to rethink your design plans.

Leaving dead space is another common mistake. People often leave space above their cabinets or under their cabinets. You can transform that space to use for storage instead. Doing that can help you minimize clutter in the rest of your kitchen.

Finally, remember your appliances. Look for them before you plan the rest of your kitchen. Maybe you want an oversized stove, refrigerator, or double oven. Knowing what type of appliances you want ahead of time can help you optimize your kitchen space.

Bathroom Remodeling Services NJ

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Howell

Another great way to refresh the look of your home is with a bathroom remodel. These remodels range from simple facelifts to complete renovations. Spa-like bathrooms are one of the hottest trends, and it seems unlikely that these luxurious retreats will ever go out of style. However, you do not have to do a complete renovation to have an up-to-date and gorgeous-looking bathroom. Our expert artisans can help you get an excellent look without a complete demolition.

Our Bathroom Services

Collaboration is the key to our services. We start by speaking with you so that we can understand your vision and your needs. Then, we begin working on a design. We check in with you throughout the process, so you can always feel free to make changes. We discuss the expenses associated with the design so you will always understand the costs and make tweaks to reflect your budget when necessary. The result is a design you love, the features you need, and a price you can afford.

Expert Craftsmen

Our bathroom renovation crews are skilled artisans who know how to create a gorgeous and functional bathroom. They also emphasize customer service. The combination guarantees the most stress-free experience possible. Home remodeling always creates some disruption and turmoil, but skilled artisans understand how to minimize that stress.

Skilled artisans are only part of the equation. The other part is using high-quality materials. We will show you different options and allow you to customize your bathroom to reflect your tastes. However, we do not skimp on quality. Fortunately, that does not mean purchasing the highest-priced products. There are plenty of high-quality options available at affordable price points.

Many of our customers want modifications to make bathrooms more accessible. We can install grab bars, walk-in showers and tubs, raise toilet seats, and lower sinks when necessary. Without our services, people can stay in their homes as they age or after they face a catastrophic injury.

Our Mission

Not everyone wants a spa bathroom, but everyone wants their bathroom to be functional, attractive, and meet their needs. Working with you, we learn your tastes and incorporate them into every aspect of the bathroom. We also learn more about your needs so we can ensure that your bathroom will meet your needs now and in the future.

Many people look at bathroom renovations as an investment that can improve their ROI. While that is true, our primary goal is to create a bathroom that increases your enjoyment and use of the home. We want to create a beautiful space that you will enjoy while you are in the house and that future buyers will enjoy as well. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Benefits of Remodeling a Bathroom in Howell

Most of the time, people renovate their bathrooms because they are outdated. However, sometimes, the remodel is motivated by a desire to increase function, including making a bathroom more accessible. Depending on why you are remodeling, there are several changes you can make.

To improve the comfort of your bathroom, consider things about your bathroom that you currently dislike. Is your shower too small? Do you have a tub but never take a bath? Is there enough storage space? You can address those issues, and so many more with a remodel.

You may want to make your bathroom more luxurious. Jetted tubs, showers with multiple heads or a steam function, and heated towel racks can all add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Generally, renovations will result in bathrooms that are more energy efficient and also increase your home’s sale price when you put it on the market.

Bathroom Remodeling in Howell

Avoid These Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

We are happy to help clients create the bathrooms of their dreams, even when tastes wildly diverge from our own. However, years of bathroom remodeling projects have taught us that some common mistakes can make a bathroom remodel project less successful.

Giving a contractor free reign is almost always a mistake. Our designers have impeccable taste and understand the form and function of bathrooms. What they do not know is your taste and your wishes. A designer’s job is to bring your vision to life — with style — not impose their vision on your home.

Hiring a handyperson or tackling a bathroom remodel as a DIY project. Unless you are exceptionally highly skilled, a bathroom renovation is probably outside of your skill set. Dealing with plumbing is challenging, tile work takes tremendous skill, and wiring for electricity in a wet room must be done correctly. A bathroom is not the place to try to cut corners with a DIY project.

Not having a budget is another terrible idea. Think about what you are comfortable spending and draw a hard line at that amount. No matter how great a project looks, if it creates financial pressure and strain, you will not be happy with it. That said, your budget needs to be realistic.

Ignoring the inevitable fact of aging is another big no-no. If you plan on staying in your home, you are going to get older. You may need grab bars, zero-threshold showers, walk-in tubs, and more accommodations. You can stylishly incorporate many of these elements into your design so that you do not have to remodel again when you age.

Reasons to Choose Infinite Construction for Howell Bathroom Remodeling

Infinite Construction is a family-owned and operated business. We treat our customers like we want people to treat our family members. That means we offer white glove service that leaves our customers highly satisfied. In terms of practical details, we are licensed and insured. Safety first is our golden rule. We ensure that our workers incorporate safety into every aspect of the job, which protects not only them but also you.

Our artisans are bathroom remodeling experts. They have tackled all sorts of bathroom renovation projects. So, if your project has an issue, they can problem-solve and come up with an innovative solution. In addition, our designers stay current with trends so they can ensure your designs are fresh and up-to-date while avoiding trendy looks that will not age well.

We focus on collaboration. It is important to us that you love every part of the project. So, we will help you select all of the elements of your bathroom and help you bring them together to create a gorgeous getaway.

Our artisans are licensed professionals. They can handle any aspect of a bathroom remodel. We can move walls, change floor plans, move around electricity and water, and more — all to create the bathroom of your dreams. So, whether your vision is small or huge, we can help. Contact us to find out more.

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