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4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Know Before You Begin Your Project

Bathroom Remodeling in Howell

Coming from a New Jersey general contractor, remodeling a bathroom is one of the more favored construction projects for homeowners to take on. After all, the space tends to be on the smaller size (aka less costly), and there is a certain powerful vibe a nicely built bathroom can deliver. For example, how often do you feel compelled to state how wonderful a restaurant’s bathroom is after being in there?

Now, if you are looking for ideas to remodel your own bathroom to meet your visionary goals, then you might feel overwhelmed looking at the endless options you can choose from. But the upside to this is that you can streamline the process and make it much less stressful overall, and here are some key tips on how you can do just that.

1. Create A Budget

As with any construction project, you are going to want to set a concrete budget before doing anything. This is a way for you to stay within your financial boundaries and work your design scope in a way that is not going to harm your money-wise. Set a realistic budget for your remodel, even narrow down into sections for each area (such as lighting, flooring, paint, etc.), and be diligent in staying within those allocated guidelines.

2. Draw Out A Layout

This does not have to be set in stone just yet, but play around with a good old fashion pencil and paper and draw out some new layout ideas for your bathroom. Do a few different designs and get input from others who can offer some insight. Rearrange the fixtures, the angles, etc. until you find a layout that you are confident in executing.

Tip: Doing this first before tapping into the aesthetics is going to make the process a lot easier to venture down, as you will have measurements and a guideline idea to base it off of.

3. Don’t Forget About Ventilation

In the middle of designing your new bathroom, it can be easy to overlook the ventilation that keeps your bathroom in prime condition from the humidity. It might not be an exciting thing to plan in and budget for, but it is necessary. For reference, if your bathroom has a shower or tub in it, you are going to need adequate ventilation per location code to keep you in good health and prevent mold from growing. Things to think about here are window vents or and perhaps upgrading your exhaust fans.

4. Choose Durable Materials

Though I was going to make this last point on adding in luxury items, like heated flooring or installing a jetted tub to add some fanciness to the mix, I feel like a more helpful tip would be to remind you to choose only durable, quality materials overall. Your bathroom will be used every day, which can lead to significant material depreciation if you choose something of lesser quality. Between the temperature swings, harsh cleaning chemicals, to the water exposure, it can all result in you needing to replace some things if you cut corners and go the cheaper route during your remodel. Though the initial price might be higher, it will more than likely save you money from needing to replace them again later on.

Tip: Most cast-iron tubs and porcelain sinks will hold up well, but make sure to avoid cheap fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. In addition, invest in high-quality plumbing fixtures that have solid brass mixing valves, as those will last a lifetime over cheap plastic ones that will likely fail in a few years.

Conclusion – Remodel Smarter, Not Harder

It is no secret that a beautiful bathroom can make you feel happy, calm, and perhaps a bit fancy. However, getting to that final result stage might feel more challenging than it looks on the surface. And yes, there are a lot of decisions to make along the way, but staying on track with the tips above can significantly help you get from point A to B more efficiently without any expensive errors.

In the end, whether you are planning on remodeling your bathroom right now, or are prepping for a future construction project, keep these pointers in the back of your mind so you can enjoy the process every step of the way. And if you feel like the pressure is too much to handle on your own, then don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we would be more than happy to assist with bringing your blueprint ideas to life.

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