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Kitchen Remodeling: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Cabinets

It is no secret that kitchen remodeling can be such a euphoric, yet challenging adventure to take on. There is a lot that goes into the overall process, and one of the more important aspects is, without a doubt, your cabinets. From function to appeal, remodeling your kitchen cabinets is a delegate journey with tons of decisions and considerations to make along the way.

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, then a kitchen remodel with updated cabinets just might be the fundamental renovating project to prioritize. Kitchens are one of the most centric areas within a home, so making them as appealing as possible is suggested if you are leaning towards a remodel. However, though it might be an attractive thought, it is not a very easy task to take on, which is why having a General Contractor is so valuable to have around from start to finish. The reality is that there are tons of aspects that go into this remodeling journey, such as choosing counter-tops, paint, flooring, and the leading eye-catching feature, your cabinets.

When it comes down to picking the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, it is something not to be taken lightly. These cabinets will be one of the first things guests (and you) notice, so really nailing down the details is essential. With all that being said, if you are not sure where to begin with the process, here are some supportive tips to get the ball rolling.

1. Set A Budget

Before you begin searching for ideas, have a budget set in place. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a style, only to realize that it is more than what you can afford. Take your time to establish your overall remodeling budget, and set a concrete allocated amount aside for new cabinets. Doing so will help you stay on track and will narrow down your options for more seamless selecting.

2. Pick Your Style and Type

Do you want to go with contemporary or traditional cabinet styles? What about the type, such as stock, custom, or RTA (ready to assemble)? Knowing the appeal and vibes you want will give you an excellent base to work from. Keep in mind that any style can be implemented exquisitely if it meets your vision, but going with custom ones designed by a respected contractor is recommended if you really want to make your remodel personalized.

3. Decide on the Cabinet Door Profile

Never underestimate the power of small details, like your cabinet door profile. This element is just as critical as the other features, and you do have choices you have to make. For instance, you can go with a recessed miter, recessed square, raised arch, or even a slab. This can be convoluted to decide on, so you may want to look up some design ideas reflecting each one and consult your general contractor to find the best solution for your kitchen remodel.

4. Color Choosing – Get Samples

The color you pick will set the tone for your entire kitchen. Darker shades will deliver elegance and a more sophisticated type of atmosphere, whereas lighter cabinets will illuminate brightness and feel inviting. Oftentimes, people starting a remodel already have a good idea of the color scheme they are looking to transition to. However, if you are still on the fence, then work with your general contractor, and ask for samples to test out against your paint color and walls.

5. Have Organization in Mind When Designing

Yes, aesthetics is essential, and it might quite possibly be the primary reason why you decided to remodel in the first place. But that does not mean organization and additional quality features should be placed on the back-burner. When designing your new kitchen, consider organization and your habits. Are you someone who is orderly and neat? If so, then glass cabinet doors might work well for you. If you are more of a “throw in the dishes and hope for the best” kind of person, then glass would do more harm than good.

In addition, think about the space you have now and how much you actually need. This can help determine your new layout and ensure that it can fulfill all your functionality needs.

Conclusion – Don’t Settle for Less Than Perfect

Remodeling your kitchen is the pinnacle time to transform your space into something that you have always wanted. Your home should be designed exactly as you wish, showcasing characteristics and features that match your vision, all the way down to the fine-tune details. So, when you decide to embark on a kitchen remodel, never settle for anything less than perfect. Take time planning so you can be confident in your goals, and pick out a contractor who will support you to make those blueprint ideas a reality.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the different cabinet styles, don’t hesitate to call Infinite Construction Group for guidance and professional insight. They have been proudly serving remodelers and home builders for years and would love to help you execute your kitchen ideas to achieve your remodeling aspirations.

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