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5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced General Contractor

Are you building a new house from the ground up here in New Jersey? What about embarking on a significant home addition? Remodeling? Whatever the case may be, hiring an experienced general contractor is one of the wisest decisions to make to ensure your project runs seamlessly. Because let’s face it, any type of construction project is going to be time-consuming and filled with complicated risks that could arise. And if you are someone who is not familiar with the process from A to B, then the likelihood that something will fall through the cracks on accident is not unlikely. But by doing your due diligence and scoping out a respected general contractor not only remediates the above concerns, but it also surfaces many other benefits as well.

1. You Will Actually Save Money

Even though you are hiring a general contractor, which will inevitably cost some money, you are actually going to save a hefty amount overall. This is because a general contractor has the right knowledge and experience to get the work doing right the first time. This means you have a lowered risk of needing to spend money on rework when things go wrong. In addition, the more experience they have, the more likely they have collected an inventory of reliable resources to help them with their mission, such as rooted relationships with companies to buy material in bulk to save money.

2. Code and Building Regulation Knowledge

As a general contractor here in New Jersey, I can name every state and city code and regulation by heart. This very knowledge is part of the perks you can when you hire someone who is fluent in this. Not only will it save you time in researching it yourself and potential construction delays, but you never have to worry that something is missed because a good contractor always knows the most recent local variations, codes, and construction requirements.

3. Less Stress on You

With so many moving parts in any type of construction project, it can foster some pretty severe stress and anxiety. Every day involves essential decisions, planning, and monitoring, and capturing it all can feel overwhelming. However, placing that in the hands of someone who is equipped and experienced in that lifestyle and rhythm can relieve you from the pressures. It will also make the process go faster, as the general contractor will know the right moves to make during a given situation. Though they will always update you on the progress, you will never have to endure the stresses of overseeing it yourself.

4. You Will Have A Single Point of Contact

This is especially vital for those building a home. In that scenario, you are going to have countless professionals in and around your future home working to do their part. From septic, electricity, plumbing, flooring, sheet rocking, the heating system, roofing, and much more, that is a lot of people to keep in contact with to talk about concerns or get updates from. However, when you hire a general contractor, they are your sole information resource. No more playing phone tag or trying to keep tabs on all the moving parties involved on your own.

5. Faster Turnaround Time

Nothing is worse than unearthing a colossal setback in your construction that pushes your finish date months out. Maybe you missed a zoning regulation, or perhaps a structural issue arose that you were not prepared for. With a general contractor, the things that can delay a project can either be eliminated altogether or strongly reduced. This is because they know the right steps to take right out of the gates, and when a challenge does surface, they are experienced enough to know the right people or rearrange timelines accordingly to lower the schedule impacts. Nothing is every 100% guaranteed, but with a general contractor, the likelihood of your project being done on or ahead of schedule is very probable.

Conclusion – Have the Right Resources on Your Side

When you hire a general contractor, you are hiring much more than a person to oversee your construction from start to finish. You are hiring someone who is going to ensure that your project is avoiding costly mistakes, who is knowledgeable about scheduling, coding, permits, zoning regulations, budgeting, site acquisition, and much more. They also have clear access to top sub-assets that are quality assured to handle the job. And in turn, this can all lead to you having the solidifying confidence that your construction project, whatever it may be, is in the best hands. In summary, yes, a general contractor is another investment to take on in your efforts, but it sure is one that you will be glad to have when the dust starts flying.

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