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Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

A spacious kitchen is usually at the top of people’s wish list when looking for a home. However, sometimes, your dream home has a smaller kitchen. Fortunately, there are some remodel ideas you can use to make your kitchen feel more significant. These tips can increase your storage, up your counter space, or help layout your kitchen in a more user-friendly manner. 

If you are happy with your kitchen’s utility but want it to look larger, you can do two great things. You can replace your cabinet doors with glass doors. You can even remove the doors and use open shelving. This increases the look of space in your kitchen. Of course, that option is only for tidy people. If you are messy, you will not have a way to hide your mess. Plus, open cabinets are not a great option if you have a bunch of pets or a dusty home because you will struggle to keep your dishes clean. 

Another great way to visually open your home is to incorporate mirrors in your décor. Mirrors reflect light, which gives the illusion of space. Many people love the idea of a mirrored backsplash. Those are great if you keep your counters free of clutter. However, keep in mind that a mirrored backsplash combined with clutter creates the appearance of double the clutter. 

Is your kitchen next to an exterior wall? Consider adding French doors. When the weather is beautiful, you can open the doors to open up the size of your space, letting you easily entertain outside while giving your guests access to your kitchen area. 

Consider using paint to create a larger look. Small kitchens should be decorated in light colors that reflect sunlight. You want to keep the ceiling white, as well. Dark cabinets can work in a small kitchen, but if you are considering painting the cabinets, think of bright, lighter colors instead. Plus, remember that satins and eggshells do better at reflecting light than matte or flat paints. 

You may have heard that patterns make a space look smaller. However, geometric patterns and horizontal stripes create optical illusions that make rooms appear bigger. You can use them on floors, walls, or backsplash to create a roomier appearance. 

If you are not a DIY enthusiast, Infinite Construction can help you implement these remodel ideas to give you the appearance of a larger kitchen. Contact us today to find out more.

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